Uvalde victim’s family reacts to DOJ report of police response

Families of the Uvalde school shooting victims are reacting to the dreadful details of the U.S. Department of Justice report on the failed law enforcement response that day.

The families say they got some sense of clarity as to what took place that horrific day in 2022 in Uvalde, Texas.

The Mata family lost their 10-year-old daughter, Tess. Faith, Tess’ sister, hopes the DOJ report into the school shooting helps her family find accountability for the mistakes made that day.

“Anyone who was there and stood outside those classrooms while they heard children being murdered should be held accountable. It’s your job to go in and you didn’t go in,” said Faith.

The Mata family is still asking, why?

“I think it is just horrible, the fact you were standing outside that classroom, and you could hear these kids,” said Faith.

“Asking for help and you do nothing,” said Jerry Mata, Tess’ father.

A senseless act of violence that day took the lives of two teachers and 19 children, including Tess.

“It is hard, and it is saddening not to have your loved one,” said Jerry.

Thursday, the Mata family and other families of the victims spoke out.

“Do right by the victims and survivors of Robb Elementary. Terminations, criminal prosecutions,” said Kimberly Mata-Rubio, mother of Lexi Rubio, another student killed in the shooting.

As for the Mata family, they say their pain is intact, and their quest to seek justice remains.

“I don’t think we can necessarily move on and move forward; I think we just move with, right. We move with her, and by doing that we will advocate for her. We’re her voice now,” said Faith.